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As each year passes, the list of recyclable metal products continues to grow. Take a car, for example. Something that once cluttered junk yards is now built to be used again. From lead acid batteries and radiators to catalytic converters and hubcaps, most parts can be recycled. And once recyclable pieces are removed, we also will flatten the frame.

Metal Brokerage in Grande Prairie

As a metal brokerage, H W Metals and Salvage receives and recycles all types of metal from aluminum to zinc. We also provide a variety of services that makes it easier for you to recycle. Whether you have a bag of aluminum cans to drop off or pieces of steel that need to be sheared, we’re the one to contact.

Overhead Dump Bins for Commercial & Residential Garbage

Clean up for big home or commercial remodelling projects can be a hassle without the proper equipment. When you rent an overhead dump bin from H W Metals and Salvage your construction crew will have a place to put debris and construction waste. Your yard or parking lot will not become overfilled with garbage and your home or office will maintain its appealing presence. After the remodelling or construction work is done, H W Metals and Salvage will pick up the overhead dump bin and appropriately deposit the waste.

H W Metals and Salvage now offers services for just about every type of commercial or residential metal recycling and garbage pickup. With our new garbage trucks, we also pick up and dispose of commercial and residential garbage. Whether or not you’ve rented one of our overhead dump bins we can collect garbage and recycling from your home or business.

When you need residential or commercial garbage disposal and metal recycling in Grande Prairie, call H W Metals and Salvage for fast and efficient service from our experienced team.

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